Quick Tips for Negotiating Salary | Professor Freeman

*Overall Guidance. Check out this site for good guidance on salary negotiation.

*Salary Surveys. Google the phrase “Riley Guide Salary” to find an ugly site with beautiful lists of links to salary surveys. Some of the surveys are so-so, but some are excellent.

*Current Trends. Note that salary as such is less negotiable generally than it was 4 years ago. But other things- like start date, moving expenses, vacation, etc. are often more negotiable than you might think.

*Career Services Office. Your Office of Career Development can be a good source of benchmarks.

*Student Coach. If you can find one of my many former or current students, ask him/her to coach you. No kidding; (s)he’ll get a lot out of it, and there’s a good chance you’ll get specific, practical, valuable help.

*Bargaining for Advantage by Richard Shell is the best one-volume negotiation text I’ve found in recent years. Especially note pp. 232-234 if you tend to be shy about negotiating.

*My Video and Essays. Check out this video of a talk I gave on Finding, Creating & Negotiating a New Job in Tough Times, especially minutes ~45-60. You’ll also find supporting essays on related topics.