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Better Negotiating At The Movies- 12 Angry Men

Several negotiation instructors use 12 Angry Men as a case study in persuasion. Here’s why…^^ In the film, Henry Fonda stars as the sole juror who wants to acquit a defendant in a capital trial. How can he convince the Read more

5 Minutes Till the Meeting

5 Minutes Till the Meeting is a regular feature of Better Negotiating. Here you’ll get ideas about how you can put your negotiating training to work when you discover you’ve got five minutes to prepare. Here we look at the Read more

Spotting Time Bombs with the WIN LOSE mnemonic

Most deals have at least one Time Bomb- a serious, foreseeable problem that may well arise later. The 1987 RJR Nabisco merger nearly exploded years later because of an obscure clause the buyers overlooked. Founders of new businesses often enter Read more

Help! I Feel So Nervous Going Into A Negotiation! 7 MORE Ideas

8. Go to the Balcony. But what if you don’t have a teammate? If you don’t (or even if you do), it can be wise to be ready to ‘go to the balcony’ if you feel you’re starting to lose Read more

Help! I Feel So Nervous Going Into A Negotiation!

Read more

Quick Tips for Negotiating Salary

*Overall Guidance. Check out this site for good guidance on salary negotiation. *Salary Surveys. Google the phrase “Riley Guide Salary” to find an ugly site with beautiful lists of links to salary surveys. Some of the surveys are so-so, but Read more

Every Employee a Skilled Negotiator. Really: How Negotiation Skills Could-But Don’t- Make Firms Much More Successful, and What to Do About It.

Imagine you know a way for an organization to measurably improve revenues, profitability, customer and vendor satisfaction, and employee retention; a method that can create a competitive advantage over peer firms. But… Now imagine that when you go to advocate Read more