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Can You Cut Costs Better by Collaborating?

 Can You Cut Costs Better by Collaborating?Is it possible  you save more by working together with vendors or clients than you can through hard bargaining? Conventional wisdom says the way to cut costs is to lean hard on outsiders, demanding better deals. In Read more

How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay The basic guidelines in writing an essay are to collate all the ideas and thoughts that the author has and try to organize it either from the most general point to the least or vice-versa. Read more

Negotiation of the Month- Trucker v. Building Manager: Can Negotiating Skills Work?

The trucking company insisted on delivering at 6 a.m., making all kinds of noise that woke the neighbors. The building manager was furious. Could key ideas from negotiation training help two tough guys reach agreement? ^^Student Jason Daniels* found out Read more

Keep Your Team Together- Three Stories from War and Crisis

Seasoned negotiators know it’s not enough to talk to the other side; it’s also critical to keep the team unified. Three brief stories from Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the siege at Waco illustrate what can happen if you Read more

How To Win at Office Politics (and Save a Global Network) with 2 Simple Negotiating Tools

There are times when your job depends on getting colleagues from other departments to agree to do something, and then do it. But what do you do when office politics make them refuse? When they simply don’t care, or don’t Read more

Five Minute Refresher-Spotting Time Bombs with the WIN LOSE mnemonic

Most deals have at least one Time Bomb- a serious, foreseeable problem that may well arise later. The 1987 RJR Nabisco merger nearly exploded years later because of an obscure clause the buyers overlooked. Founders of new businesses often enter Read more

Five Minute Refresher – Is This Deal Necessary? How to Know To Say "No" to Bad Offers

When you see business leaders announcing a big deal on TV, the chances are excellent that you are witnessing a disaster in the making. In fact, many deals you read about (and do?) may be mistakes. How can this be, Read more

Five Minute Refresher – Being More Effective at Work by Winning a Mandate

You find you have too much responsibility and not enough authority. What do you do? One solution is to go out and win a mandate. That is, win the authority you need by negotiating for it. ^^ For example, the Read more

I FORESAW IT: A Way to Improve Your Preparations for Negotiating

Read more

A Negotiation Phrasebook- 14 Phrases That Let You Be Hard on the Problem, Soft on the Person

Imagine you are about to try to negotiate with your supervisor for a budget increase. Or that you are about to confront a car dealer about a noisy transmission, or that you need to convince your companion to postpone your Read more