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How to Write an Essay

The basic guidelines in writing an essay are to collate all the ideas and thoughts that the author has and try to organize it either from the most general point to the least or vice-versa. Giving examples of the explanation of a specific topic chosen will help the readers to picture and imagine the story being relayed in the essay. According to writemyperfectessay, there are different types of essays to choose from, a critical analysis essay, compare and contrast essay, cause and effect essay, process essays, and college admission essays. The basics include writing an introduction, body and a conclusion. If the writer got his idea from another author then the sources must be acknowledged and included in the reference part. An essay may be about life, history, cultural background, politics, academics, science or lifestyle and fashion. The topic could range from poverty to drug addiction, etc. However, even if a writer has a brilliant topic but could not write an essay properly then a problem ensues. Readers will not find the essay to be something worth reading. Supporting literature will help build the topic and make the essay more readable and believable. Likewise, upon completion of the essay, an editor must check the facts, sources, spelling, and grammar to uphold the quality of writing.

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